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Matter is an illusion.
Quantum physically matter is only a ripple in or agitation of a quantumfield and our reality is build off a big number of quantumfields.

Strange and illogical

For most people quantum physics may seem far-fetched, totally irrelevant and extremely complex.
Although the math behind quantum physics is very complex, advanced and hard to understand, quantum physics is mostly weird.
To completely understand quantum physics it's more important to have an open mind rather than having mathematical expertise

Quantum physics is the science studying the smallest particles of which all matter is made. It's the study of the structure of our reality, the components of atoms which were always seen as the smallest part of matter but are also devided into those very tiny quantum particles. .
It's the science of electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, gluons, photons, etc.. .

'Everything we know, at the smallest scale, is build from quantum particles'

It's the science studying the building blocks of the reality we live in.
Everything is made of quantum particles and they are very very small. In one grain of sand there are as many atoms as they are grans of sand on the entire planet...


Quantum Particles behave completely different then bigger objects we observe by the laws of clascical physics.

-quantum particles can be in two places at tteh same time (superposition)

-They can move from one place to another without ever being on any inbetween location (quantumjump)

-Quantum particles can appear out of nowhere and dissapear as fast as they came.

-The can move through barriers and if they do, it happens instantly, menaing they travl faster than the speed of light(quantum tunneling)

-quantum particles often don't have mass which is very strange since in our classic way of thinking 'something' should always have mass whatever small quantity it could be...

But it's exactly here we have to change our way of thinking. ...
We tend to think in particles, in mass, in something, in pieces of matter and that's is not correct.
It's only a mental interpretation of an energetical action

After all everything exists in fields and such a quantumfield is an area in space and time with certain possibilities and one of those possibilities is matter when an agitation occurrs within that field like when it interacts with another quantumfield.

'Matter is a ripple in a quantumfield'


To be continued...

Erik Tanghe